Achieve your FX investment goals through outsourced specialist skills

A team of investment professionals with a diversified set of competencies relating to the currency markets are collaborating in providing their services to both institutions and individuals seeking that vital edge.

The Forex markets offer vast opportunities to firms and investors seeking market returns, however the path to success is frequently littered with obstacles that can hinder achieving these goals. With this in mind a partnership was formed between a number of financial markets professionals to create FXMultiSelect. Through collaboration with their unique skills and market knowledge, investors are able to navigate many of the hurdles found in seeking risk-adjusted and diversified returns. The synergy created by the specialists involved covers a broad range of financial markets experience and strategies which can be applied to the varied situations faced by many currency investors.

The goal of FXMultiSelect is to offer investors a portfolio of currency strategies which have been qualitatively and quantitatively authenticated. Verifying the data and returns which from the strategy execution is only part of the selection process as understanding the strategy methodology in generating these returns is paramount to sustaining positive results over the long term. Therefore by analysing all aspects of the currency strategy, we are able to hypothesise the nature of the returns under present or future market conditions. Consequently, the strategies within our portfolio can experience weighting adjustments depending upon market conditions.

In order to provide investors with a tailored strategy, the FXMultiSelect allocation approach can be adjusted to pre-determined risk and/or return parameters. Understanding that each investor requires a bespoke investment service, we modify the weighting and selection process to achieve the desired return. Risk controls can be implemented on a strategy level or across a portfolio to safe-guard against potential undesired market volatility. Our flexibility and responsiveness allows us to dynamically manage strategy risk through leverage adjustments. In addition, investment vehicles can be structured to the specified requirements to suit the investors’ needs.



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About Us

FXMultiSelect is an electronic trading platform provided by Foreign Exchange Industry Professionals to allow High Net Worth Individuals and Investment Managers gain exposure to the most liquid global financial market. 

Approved clients will have access and the capability to allocate to multiple proven algorithm driven foreign exchange strategies within a secure and independently managed environment.



Members of the team collectively have well over 150 years' experience in the foreign exchange and other financial markets 


Members of the team collectively have well over 100 years' experience in the foreign exchange and other financial markets 


Members of the team collectively have well over 100 years' experience in the foreign exchange and other financial markets 


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As experienced and proven professionals we can offer guidance and capability for approved clients to interact in the global foreign exchange markets via regulated trading entities

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*Our services include products that are traded on margin and carry a risk of losses. Foreign exchange trading is not suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.

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Some services may not be available to certain investors due to regulatory or other constraints either in Switzerland, United States or elsewhere. It is advised that most services are only available following completion of the Customer Agreement and/or any other relevant documentation as required. Investments in securities or financial instruments (including futures, options, contracts for differences, spot and forward foreign exchange contracts) can fluctuate in value. Accordingly, you should be aware that you might not realise the initial amount invested and indeed may incur additional liabilities as investments in securities or financial instruments may entail above average risk. You must therefore carefully consider whether your financial circumstances permit you to invest. strongly suggests that you seek the advice of an independent financial advisor in this regard.